• Another Sky hero image

    Brand identity for Another Sky, a sleep-away camp for adults in upstate NY

  • Hi-Five vape

    Creative direction and photography for HiFive, an artful cannabis company

  • Brand identity and website for Polly

  • Homestead beer cans

    Brand identity and packaging for Homestead Beer Co.

  • Tiki Chick menu

    Brand identity and menu for Tiki Chick, an oasis in the Upper West Side

  • Disney Imagine Everything campaign

    Campaign identity for Disney Advertising Sales

  • Kalamaki gold-leaf logo

    Brand signage for Kalamaki NY, a fast-casual Mediterranean restaurant

  • Lucky Pickle stickers

    Brand identity for Lucky Pickle, an imaginative dumpling shop in the Upper West Side

  • GVX fence wrap

    Brand marketing graphics for Grandview Crossing, a mixed-use development in Grandview, Ohio

  • Zappos festival billboard

    Illustration for Zappos for the Life Is Beautiful Festival

  • Lucky Pickle brand photography

    Brand identity and art direction for Lucky Pickle, an imaginative dumpling shop in the Upper West Side

  • Brand identity, event signage, + more for Chainbreaker, a bike ride for cancer research in Minneapolis

  • Zappos Adaptive photography

    Brand identity for Zappos Adaptive, a marketplace for accessibility-focused fashion

  • Stroll hero graphic

    Brand identity for Stroll, a start-up simplifying leasing for renters

  • Quarry Trails logo + photo

    Brand identity and photography for Quarry Trails, a new neighborhood blending nature and luxury

  • Rapid 5 Social Media

    Brand identity and marketing graphics for RAPID 5, a new vision for Central Ohio

  • Novella logo + food

    Brand identity for Novella, a chef-driven Italian restaurant

  • Tiki Chick tap handles

    Brand identity and signage for Tiki Chick, an oasis in the Upper West Side

  • Customer Service for Anything Representative

    Brand identity and art direction for Zappos Anything, an initiative to bring customer service to anyone for anything

  • Ziggys Mobility Boost website

    Brand identity, packaging, and website for Ziggy’s, mobility boost chews for dogs

  • Another Sky logo + hero photo
  • Hi-Five gummy
  • Homestead beer
  • Tiki Chick menu illustrations
  • Disney Imagine Everything campaign graphic
  • Kalamaki gold-leaf logo
  • Lucky Pickle stickers
  • GVX fence wrap
  • Zappos festival billboard
  • Lucky Pickle brand photography
  • Zappos Adaptive shoe functionality
  • Stroll hero graphic
  • Quarry Trails logo
  • Rapid 5 social media identity
  • Novella logo + food photography
  • Tiki Chick exterior signage
  • Zappos for Anything customer representative
  • Ziggy's Website